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Day three

I have now spent 2 nights sleeping in the Holy Land. We have been instructed that it is more politically sensitive to call it the Holy Land because some prefer Israel while others prefer Palestine. The Arab/Jewish duality in the city overwhelms every aspect of the culture here. I thought there was a big division […]

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It is 5:45 pm here in Jerusalem. Our plane landed about 4 hours ago so I’ve been at the center exploring for about 3 hours. Getting off the plane the first thought was that it felt just like Southern California. The vegetation is very familiar and the humidity and temperature is consistent with San Diego. […]

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Jerusalem Contact information

You can also call, if you dare to brave the phone bill, at 011 (country code for US) 972 (country code for Israel) 2 (area code) 626-5666 (number for the center) more simply 011-972-2-626-5666 You can mail letters to: Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies Riley Rackliffe P.O. Box 19604 Jerusalem, 91196 ISRAEL For packages […]

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The Riley Rackliffe Jerusalem Diaries.

Greetings, The mentions below are just a few ramblings, I think it has always been more important for me to write them than it has been for other people to read them. The dream is always that some future historian will dig up the idle thoughts contained in such writings and analyze them in some […]

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