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The fading sun glinted off the sharp, pointy beak Black feathers rustled in the brisk autumn The claws crushed the clods of soil An unearthly light filled razor-sharp, black as coal, eyes The mud cracked as powerful mammalian muscles tensed A dribble of slim oozed out of the snorting snout Sharp hooves clawed out caverns […]

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You might be an Environmental Science Major if… Part 2

I must begin by clarifying that not all environmental science majors do these things, but if someone did do stuff like this, randomly, then they might be comfortable majoring in the natural sciences. ————————————————————————- Finding dirt (soil) on your pillow is not a surprising experience. You would rather go to a screening of an Aldo […]

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Who sits at your table?

I have been reading of late a book from the library titled “What should I do with my life?” As graduation is pending closer and closer daily I find it a fairly relevant question. The book consists of short chapters where the author went out and interviewed various people and got their life story. He […]

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