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Outside the Ivory Tower

I ran across a commencement speech by Bill Watterson, the Author of Calvin and Hobbes. Its strangely appealing to an increasingly disaffected college student. The reason I am linking it here is so that I might remember it in 8 months when I graduate and because of the following line: It’s funny how at Kenyon […]

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I was invited to dinner with her family. Over the months of our friendship we had talked a good deal about family. My family, her family, what a family ought to be like, why we have families and so forth. It was clear that there were some tensions within her family and they didn’t often […]

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Summer Bucket List

I was cleaning my desk this morning and ran across a bucket list for last summer. It lived on my fridge from April through September. I then put it away thinking I should record it somewhere. I now have the desire to put it to permanent rest, but I thought I would record it here. […]

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How do you live the Gospel?

Question: I want to understand more about the way you live the Gospel, but I don’t know the right questions to ask because I know so little about this for you. Would you explain more and give me some examples? I think we live the Gospel very differently and I would like to know what […]

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