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Out of sync

We had a large conference this week. Church authorities traveled from Boston and Salt Lake to release our stake president of 10+ years and find someone to replace him. I was certainly curious about the process, but as only a two year inhabitant I wasn’t as deeply impacted as some others may have been. Instead […]

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The Pale Green Child

The pale green child started as a dream, as all great intentional breakthroughs do. I was sitting in a lab pondering a book I was listening to about the evolution of the eukaryota. That dramatic moment or process whereby they engulfed some more bacteria and enslaved them for 2 billion years. Endosymbiosis. From that process […]

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At the Mercy Seat

I was sitting in church today thinking about what I would say if I had to speak. Two reasons for this: it was ward conference and our stake president has a strong habit of calling people out to share testimony without warning. Second, my mission president counseled me to always be preparing for my next […]

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A Grave of Fireflies

It was a dark and damp night to be trudging through the weeds but science demands certain sacrifices so I found myself crawling under a bridge to pull water from a creek tonight. With the melancholy which seems to frequent me so often these days I squelched into the mud and observed faint glowing lights […]

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