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The Double Spyglass

We completed our last week in the Uintas. As a major part of our project had to do with showing the difference between a north facing stream system and a south facing system we needed a chain of lakes on the north slope of the Uintas. I desperately wanted to hike up Henry’s fork because […]

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The Value of Honesty

This week I learned that my integrity is worth $240. Well, its worth at least that much, hopefully its worth more than that. But ultimately anything is only worth as much as you are willing to pay for it. This week, I paid $240 for my integrity. It nice to be reminded how valuable it […]

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The Rusty Knife

We took 2 weeks off before we went back to the hills. We spent our time in hobble creek sampling bugs and such waiting for the water to drain off the mountain. For our second trip we loaded our truck with considerably less stuff this time and drove out to the Uintah Basin. From Roosevelt […]

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The Broken Compass

Many of you may know that I landed one of the sweetest summer jobs I’ve been able to envision. I am doing research with a Biology professor on climate change alpine lakes. My task in the project is the hike up the Uinta Mountains in order to collect samples of algae, moss, and insects and […]

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