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Sacred Space

Well, back to Utah. True to form one of the first things I ate had bacon, beef, and cheese. All cooked in the same kitchen and all between the same pieces of bread.  That being done I had a three hour nap. I then woke up for a few hours before sleeping for another 10 […]

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mission accomplished

Well, in 25 minutes we get on the bus the drive to the airport. It’s over. No more churches or field trips or pilgrims or so many other things. There are still awesome stories to tell and good friends to keep tabs on. Oh, and a 19 hour flight that should be miserable. Goodbye Golden […]

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We hit day 100. Its hard to believe. 100 days in the holy land (technically minus a couple for Egypt and Jordan). This big marker was our last two finals. Now the classes are done. Our grades are fixed. We no longer have the ever-hovering cloud of GPAs and classes looking us over. A few […]

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The Lowest Point on Earth

Let me tell you a little about the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Go back to 160 years before the birth of Christ. Greeks rule Jerusalem and one of the rulers has a god complex. He takes over the temple and sacrifices pigs on the alter. Everyone gets mad so their is a revolt in which the […]

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