Assembling a graduate committee

“I’m looking for a particular set of skills. You see, I’m assembling a team of people for a very special project. I have reason to believe there are organisms in this land that are special. Not the ordinary kind of special, but unique in baffling ways. I’m talking about the power to cheat death. New talents arising in the last 40 years in otherwise very ordinary creatures. Poison resistance.”

“Are you? Well that’s all good. But where do I come in? I got no expertise in frogs.”

“I’m not talkin about frogs. I know you would assume based on my past but I want to look closer. I want to look at the moving water. I’m talking mayflies, little bity stream canaries. “

“Mayflies! That enormous cryptic group? It would take a great load of work. But I’m listening. Why mayflies? And why me?”

“Easy! mayflies are everyplace. You can find them in just about any creek. They also have a certain reputation for being special customers. Sort of, particularly about their water quality. This is important in two ways. First, it means it doesn’t take much to mess them up. Second. It means we associate them with only the best. As an added bonus I happen to know how to catch them, and in large numbers too. As for you, I need a man that knows poison. A very particular kind of poison. From what I hear, you’re something of an expert in that area.”

“Expert. Well I guess you could say that. But you should know. An entomologist I may be but I’m no expert on wet bugs. I like to keep my hands dry most of the time. You’re gonna need more help. Who else you got?”

“I see that. You know Rueben? He’s got the skills with the water. Should be excellent with working on the ground and getting things all set the way they should be. I’ve also got Mark, nobody’s better with the ideas then him. He’ll make sure we follow of the right ways and really find what we’re after. And finally, my man Jason. I know he has a reputation for being a frog man but he’s also an excellent ecotoxicologist. We can get it done. We just need a poison guy. And I want you. It’ll take some work. Maybe a couple years. But there ain’t nothing like stream work on a hot summer day. You in?”

“You’re bold. I like that. You better do a lot of reading. I’m not sure you got the stuff. But what the hey, I’ll give you a shot. Sign me on. You got yourself a committee.”

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2 thoughts on “Assembling a graduate committee

  1. Anita Fairbanks

    I can’t wait for this movie to come out. Are you casting Liam Neeson? And who will play your part?

  2. Karen Rackliffe

    a little scary

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